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VR Smart Grid - VR Smart Grid is a multi-functional expert advisor for the MetaTrader 4.

VR Smart Grid is a multi-functional expert advisor for the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 terminals that allows you to trade using order grids. The algorithm of the expert advisor allows you to trade both with the trend and against the trend. Trading with the trend is structured in such a way that each new order is opened only if the previous order has a Stop Loss in the profit zone. Trading against the trend is conducted in order to close unprofitable positions with a profit. The...

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@ChrisFX did you happen to download version 20.20?

Version 21.20 2021.02.24
Optimized work of the advisor when changing settings. Previously, new settings might not have been applied or only partially applied.
Optimized work with commission and swap, now the algorithm calculates the correct commission for a position when opening and closing it.
Optimized the operation of the advisor in different modes, stopping buy and sell trading.
Trailing stop operation has been optimized, this function has been completely rewritten and now works correctly.

The eighth type of averaging has been added, this type works by partial closure and selects the most suitable way to reduce the position by a partial method.
Added a lot multiplier, now the lot calculated by the formulas can be increased or decreased due to the multiplier, if the multiplier is less than 1 and more than zero, the lot decreases, if the multiplier is greater than 1, then there is an increase
calculated lot.

Added check for account type, netting or hedging. The Expert Advisor does not work and does not run on a netting account, use only account hedging.
Built-in check for netting accounts, now the advisor will not be able to work on netting accounts, the advisor's algorithm is created for hedge accounts.

Restored manual trading mode, in this mode the advisor is automatically set MagicNumber equal to 0, the first order is opened manually by a trader,
if the price goes against the trader, then the advisor itself will sort out the situation until the positions are closed completely.
If the price moves in the direction of the trader, the EA performs other functions, does not open new orders, controls and modifies the positions opened manually.

A lot of work has been done to optimize the code and improve the trading logic.


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Version 21.30 2021.03.01

Important update!
We strongly recommend that you update your version of the program!

Display and calculation of profit in the information panel.
Grammatical errors in the description of the settings.
Calculation of average prices for partial closing of positions, now all calculations are done more accurately.

Smartphone notification, to receive messages from the advisor, you need to enable the option in the MetaTrader terminal settings.
Turn off the notification about trade...

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