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I know this is an old EA (has been working for more than 15 years). It is doing a good job on multiple pairs (major and minor). I use it with M30 or H1 with small lot (0.01 to 0.03) and it seems like doing well, especially with trending forex pairs while some websites recommend GBPCAD and AUDCAD. Attached are the EA and its indicator. I use take profit of 20pips or 30pips, but you can use reversal exit, while with its hedging, I use EURUSD and take profit of 10pips. It has done a stable income of about 3-5% a month using it on 3 pairs (EURUSD, USDCHF and AUDUSD).

Have fun!

PS: it is stable and uses confirmation before entry and tries to recover on losing. Specifically, it uses RMI indicator then waits for two candles reversal pattern (i.e. combination of candle pattern and relative momentum index) to confirm entering.


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